If you have found this blog, you may be in the process of starting your own business. Well then you’re in luck! If not, well this may not be the blog for you. Since the day I started college, I have thought that it would be awesome to be able to start my own business and work for myself.  Well, 7 years later I am finally taking steps to make that a reality.  No, I haven’t quit my job.  Many stories you hear from people are about how they up and quit their job to start their own business.  For many people though, that’s not financially viable. This is where my business journey begins.  My goal is to create my own business and in the process give myself the financial freedom that so many people strive for. I thought it would be fun to pass on the knowledge I have acquired as I progress through this endeavour.

Some background information about myself.  I don’t have a degree in business.  I enjoy working with computers and creating websites.  In this day and age, people who enjoy creating websites tend to create their own businesses, but many don’t know where to start (I’ve been in that same boat).  Throughout this blog I plan on going more in depth on starting your own business, starting with the idea and moving all the way through to making your first dollar (and more).

so welcome and good luck!